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SREE KPJ GEMS is a leading Gems & Jewellery showroom for more than four decades, and most trusted name for certified Precious Gemstones, and coloured Gemstone jewellery in India. Our Success is the priority for quality in service and customer satisfaction.
SREE KPJ GEMS offering you not only Precious Gemstone but also genuine plans for your future. The precious gems with genuine high quality on most affordable price and our all precious gems follow the 4 ‘C’ policies i.e. proper Cut, Clarity, Colour and Cost.
Let’s face it, we live in a competitive world, and here success comes the hard way. Some people might stand by our side all along, and few others might turn jealous and greedy of us. But, if you wish to achieve continuous success in life without the influence of negative forces and energies, Our Astrologer Team suggest you the Right Gemstone based on your horoscope planetary position with complete predictions and Lucky Gemstone details.

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We are the only people to give Guarantee for the Precious Gems.

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What Our Customers Say

I could not find words suitable to explain how the things are happening in a proper way after wearing the ring with birth stone suggested by KPJ GEMS. There is a miracle change in my career as well as personal life. I cannot say how the things are happened all of sudden. I expected to happen its happening in a proper and systematic way. I am very happy now, anyhow I am very grateful to KPJ GEMS and team.


I would like to share my experience of wearing the Precious Gem Ruby prescribed for me. I had suffered health problems and some financial crisis also so I wore the stone. Within 6 months I was surprised as I got a foreign alignment in Dubai and my health is perfectly fine. Now I am in Dubai as physiotherapist and I have built a own house also. So I would like to convey my gratitude to them for giving me a successful career.

-Surya Prakash

Myself & my husband were wore rings as per your advice in the year 2016. I am very happy to inform you that we had much progress after wearing the rings. We are now very happy and have peace of mind. I am also advising my friends and relatives to come to K.P. for advice.

-Alamelu Subramaniam